You Can Now Keep Your Pledge Up to Date
By Means of e-Pledging


E-pledging, which stands for “electronic pledging,” would better be called “e-giving.”  This is because your pledge is still made directly to Accession Parish in the usual way, by filling out a pledge card and placing it in the offering plate or mailing it to the parish office. 

The electronic part comes in with the actual giving of your contribution each week or month.  You fill out a form with the Diocese of New York to let them know what your pledge to Ascension Parish is, give them a voided check, and they handle the rest.  At no charge to you or the parish, and without holding any other fees or funds aside for the Diocese, they set up a process that automatically withdraws the amount you specify and direct-deposits that same amount directly into Ascension’s bank account.  This frees you from writing checks and assists Ascension because deposits happen automatically.  We are all assisted because if you have to miss a Sunday or are away on vacation, your gifts to the parish continue to be made – we both stay caught up!

Your bank statement shows when your gifts have been withdrawn from your bank account, and Ascension receives a monthly report so that your gifts can be recorded into our accounting and pledge tracking systems.

If you would like more information about this valuable service provided at no cost by the Diocese of New York, check out the diocesan website at  In the search field on the homepage, enter “e-pledge” which links you to a page with more information, Q&A and the form you need to get started.  You will also find printed information and sign-up forms in the Undercroft of the church.